Breaking Journey Information: Dubai Tourism Comes Back to Life 2020 | focus

Breaking Journey Information: Dubai Tourism Comes Back to Life | focus

Dubai Tourism Comes Back to Life 2020

The domestic tourism and hospitality sectors are enjoying a rapid recovery thanks to a multi-step roadmap of the Dubai Division of Tourism and Commerce Advertising and Marketing.

The big players in the {industry} world saw renewed curiosity when the city reopened its doors to vacationers from around the world on July 7th.

“Since then, we have been strongly inspired by the market reaction in the current second part of our restoration technique, which was activated with the gradual recovery of the financial sector in addition to the phased and provisional restart of the trip around the world. Said Helal Saeed Almarri, Managing Director of Dubai Tourism.

Improving international market sentiment and the notion that Dubai is one of the safest places in the world are the main drivers of the growing momentum of the recovery.

“People are now much more optimistic and knowledgeable about vacationing in places that can be safe and that have strong wellness and safety protocols in place,” Almarri said.

Accommodation and respiratory systems have also reported an increase in business.

“We have become very curious about global markets, especially in Europe and Russia,” said Jose Silva, Prime Minister of Jumeirah in Dubai.

“In the first week after reopening to vacationers around the world, online bookings for intentional stays on the Jumeirah website doubled from the previous week, while the number of rooms booked in the night’s bookings grew an average of 109% each day.

Dubai Tourism | Positive indicators for the tourism sector

Emirates Airline and flydubai bookings are also showing positive indicators for the tourism sector.

Emirates is expected to work in a total of 70 locations on six continents in August, while flydubai will expand its community to 66 locations this summer.

Even so, the temper at the forefront of the global Covid-19 disaster was cautious.

Global tourism has suffered the brunt of global restrictions on mobility at home and across borders.

Based on the Global Tourism Group (UNWTO), the Covid-19 pandemic can value international tourism and related sectors between $ 1.2 and $ 3. Three trillion in misdirected income depends on when it is restored.

For Dubai, however, the height of the disaster was the time to experience a strategic reset.

While Al Almarri calls the ‘breaking party’, the main focus was planning and repositioning.

Tourism authorities attempted to create a framework for the expectations of meeting attendees once the restrictions could be lifted.

“We have redesigned the company’s methods and plans and worked carefully with stakeholders and companions to develop groundbreaking initiatives to deal with the ‘new regular’.

Breaking Journey Information: Dubai Tourism Comes Back to Life | focus


“Together with major government agencies, we have developed rigorous wellness and precaution protocols that could reassure what are probably the most demanding vacationers concerned about their safety,” said the highlight of Dubai Tourism.

The revitalization of the domestic tourism market was a key aspect of the restoration plan.

Since opening up to home tourism in Might, Dubai has seen a surge in the number of hostels making choices to meet the pent-up demand for accommodation.

In the beginning, coastal properties recorded over 80% occupancy fees on weekends.

At present, hostels are keen to offer residents of the UAE a wide variety of accommodation options, from discounts on room charges and meals and drinks to things to do for housekeeping.

In order to boost the wider home tourism market, industry players are working together to encourage residents to familiarize themselves with all the different vacation spots that are reminiscent of shopping malls, attractions, and recreation centers.

“The domestic market has proven to be extremely important and we are seeing increased demand for Jumeirah properties, well beyond the weekends.

“Dedicated stays are designed to arouse permanent curiosity and present the latest culinary ideas to increase expertise. For example, not long ago we opened our pop-up on the French Riviera in Jumeirah Al Qasr and produced other new food activations which are planned for the coming months, ”said Silva.

Dubai’s effective response to the pandemic, which has resulted in lower infection rates and increased recovery costs, saw the city reopen to vacationers on July 7.

“The United Arab Emirates and Dubai have played a critical, strategic, and methodical role in the fight against the pandemic.

“We are grateful to the federal and local governments for their intense efforts which are laying the foundations for the revitalization of tourism and various sectors.”

“We also remain optimistic as our key companions like Emirates and flydubai are central to facilitating the advancement of tourism through a variety of measures to build travelers’ confidence and encourage them to make the city their alternative vacation spot.

“As we repeatedly assess the current state of affairs and take steps to consolidate the ongoing recovery in the industry, we expect good progress in the last quarter of 2020, largely based on methods of robust progression that we now have in place to accelerate the momentum of the. ” the complete reopening of the sector, ”Al Almarri said.

With the prospect of reopening the city to international vacationers, Dubai has spared no effort to ensure that vacationers have simple and secure expertise at every stage of their journey, from arrival at the airport to departure from Dubai.

“We knew that almost all travelers would look at the nature of business and healthcare processes before deciding where to go on vacation.

“We have implemented a zero-tolerance policy for the management of wellness and safety logs at hostels, shops, and tourist attractions with joint oversight to ensure compliance,” said Issam Kazim, the principal government of Dubai Company for Tourism & Commerce Advertising and Marketing (DCM).

Breaking Journey Information: Dubai Tourism Comes Back to Life | focus

“We are fortunate that Dubai has mature tourism, hospitality, and retail sector.

“Institutions really understand that maintaining excessive welfare and safety demands is important for the success of their own business as we work to meet the demands of the brand new standard,” said the famous boss.

Jumeirah believes that the authorized welfare and security measures it put in place were among the key elements in the progression of bookings.

“Jumeirah Al Naseem was the first lodge on the planet to receive the famous Bureau Veritas Safeguard label, which has been adopted by three of our different luxury hostels based in Dubai with certifications of the remaining properties to meet the swimsuit.

“We imagine this has done a lot to rekindle the confidence of every home and every traveler around the world,” said Silva.

“Examples of the new strict protocols that we have now introduced are the newest triple air circulation in our guest houses, the provision of hygiene facilities, the clearing of rooms between visits, ‘use of disinfectant fittings for bedrooms and thermal hygiene processes for our sheets and pillows,’ he added.

To recognize and promote industry-wide compliance, Dubai Tourism introduced the “Dubai Assured” stamp to strengthen the emirate’s position as one of the safest places in the world.

In order to obtain the stamp, institutes would have to undergo rigorous checks by inspectors to confirm compliance with excessive safety and welfare requirements.

As part of the program, more than 1,000 institutes have already been verified for compliance, so they are eligible to receive the stamp.

In addition, Dubai hostels have implemented the usual social distancing and mask-wearing precautions always performed by visitors and workers, improved disinfection measures in all amenities, and a non-contact screening kit. visitors at the entrances.

Dubai has also implemented technologically integrated superior security controls to prevent, monitor, detect, and isolate incidents in the tourism ecosystem.

A multitude of air travel journals for customers has further heightened the arrogance of vacationers.

All travelers, as well as vacationers, residents, and residents arriving in the UAE or traveling through the UAE should complete an unfavorable Covid-19 PCR and view the final result obtained 96 hours before departure.

Dubai Tourism | Coronavirus examination before boarding the plane

Arrivals from some international locations require coronavirus to be examined before boarding the plane and upon arrival.

Along with the implementation of welfare and safety requirements, Dubai Tourism has launched an aggressive global advertising and marketing technique that involves close coordination with over 3000 companions around the world to manage traveler bookings.

A number of digital campaigns were among the notable international advertising and marketing campaigns launched to ensure the city continues to be lost in the minds of vacationers.

Two high-impact digital campaigns, #TillWeMeetAgain and #WeWillSeeYouSoon were launched ahead of the reopening, while the third, titled #ReadyWhenYouAre, was simply launched when Dubai reopened to foreign vacationers.

Promotion and marketing campaigns have made Dubai possibly the most sought after place for vacationers wishing to travel again.

Based on Dubai tourism, the emirate is currently one of the top 5 sites for web research or vacation.

With numbers looking promising in the preliminary part of the reopening, Dubai hopes to maximize alternatives once the tourism sector is fully reopened, which could represent the final step in its restoration technique.

“As a vacation spot, Dubai is always ready to evolve in the face of global challenges. We foresee critical to progress and seek to take it forward as confidence continues to grow over the next few months, ”Kazim concluded.

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