Pacsafe Travelsafe GII 5 Liter Portable Safe (Black)


Maximum security – 360 Degree stainless steel Wire mesh embedded in poly canvas fabric is highly cut resistant. Design patented in the USA, by Pacsafe, the original anti-theft brand. Can be locked securely with TSA accepted 3-dial combination lock (inch.).
Can be locked to fixtures – bag can be cabled to furniture, pipes, or fixtures when in hotel rooms (ide. When hotel room safe is too small) and beach chairs or trees to prevent theft when at the beach or by the pool where items need to be left unattended.
Can be stored flat – can be stored flat in your suitcase (also foldable). this is a key differentiator from comparable products that are often bulky and take up a lot of space. Ideal gift for someone going for vacations, a cruise, train trip or air travel.

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